The birth of your wooden dream house


The Finncotec system is a unique combination of solid wood and timber frame construction. This allows us to combine all the benefits of both systems.
Thanks to the solid beams on the outside, the house is extremely sturdy. The wooden skeleton on the inside provides extra stability and insulation. The log beams are firmly secured to the wooden skeleton, so they can never sag under their own weight, as will sometimes happen with pure solid wood construction.
If you prefer to see a brick around your home, then we simply reverse this system: the solid log beams are attached to the inside of the wooden frame. The exterior is then finished to your choice: a stone facade, crepi, fiber-cement panels, ...
An additional advantage of the Finncotec system is that all beams are cut to size, so you can partly or completely build your home yourself!


  • Solid log bars
  • Vertical uprights
  • Insulation
  • Vapor screen
  • Services cavity
  • Interior finish of your choice

Timber frame construction

This is the timber construction method that is widely used in Belgium and abroad. Its basis is a wooden skeleton, with a wood-fiber insulating board or vapor barrier on the outside, and exterior finish of your choice: a stone facade, wood, fiber-cement board, ... On the inside, OSB is placed as a stiffening plate and airtight seal. Then a conduit cavity for electrical and sanitary pipes, and interior finish of your choice: wood, plaster fiber boards, ... With this method we can build and finish in any desired style!
We pay a lot of attention to perfect airtightness, which has a major impact on the energy performance of the building.


  • Exterior finish of your choice
  • Wood-fiber insulating board
  • Vertical uprights
  • Insulation
  • OSB
  • Conduit cavity
  • Interior finish of your choice

Insulation and airtightness

We pay a lot of attention to the airtightness of your home, this is important in various areas: It guarantees the proper functioning of the ventilation system, limits heat losses, prevents construction damage due to moisture in the construction, helps prevent heat breakdown in the summer, ensures optimum sound insulation and makes the building more fireproof.

We prefer to insulate the walls and the roof with ecological insulation materials such as wood wool or cellulose flakes, the pipe cavity with cotton insulation.

Wood wool and cellulose flakes are ideal for timber frame construction and roof constructions. The insulation material is vapor-open or breathable: built into a vapor-open construction, the excess moisture in the house can find its way out. The insulation has a moisture-regulating effect: it can store and release a quantity of moisture. Due to its density, it ensures much better sound insulation than mineral wool or PUR, and the temperature in the house will rise less quickly in the summer.
Then there is the ecological aspect: The raw materials from which the insulation is made grow back and are therefore inexhaustible, their production usually requires little energy, and no harmful substances are released, neither during or after installation.

A good air seal in combination with the right insulation guarantees optimum durability and unsurpassed comfort!