A-frame house in Almere

Building below sea level!

Oosterwold is a unique construction project in Almere in the Netherlands, an area that used to be under water but was drained in the 1960s. There are as few building regulations as possible, which is very atypical for the Netherlands and has earned the area the nickname 'little Belgium'! Inhabitants take care of their own energy, cycles and waste water, and reserve 50% of their parcel for urban agriculture.

Here we could build an inspiring house for Theo and Victoria, a creative couple with a distinct (good!) taste. The house came from the sleeve of la-di-da architects, with a focus on economic and ecological construction. In addition to the structural work and the exterior finishing, we were also responsible for the interior joinery and interior finishing.



These guys know what they are doing. They are young and full of energy, but at the same time their work is so knowingly done that we can admire without stopping.
Everything is perfect and high quality and our house was built very quickly. I know this by example. Houses are being built around us and I can see the difference. Guys you are the best!
With love from Oosterwold Almere!

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