Sustainable living in your favorite style

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Why Wood?

In Scandinavia wood has been the favorite  building material for centuries.
No wonder, as building a wooden house and making it your home is a very special experience. A wooden house provides a natural and healthy living environment .
Wood is warm and secure. It breathes and so regulates indoor air humidity. It insulates against heat and sound.

With a little skill you can do some or even all of the building yourself, and so lower the cost substantially.

Compared to other building techniques, wood construction is better for the environment
and for your health.

Your dream house made to measure

Are you looking for a wooden house tailored to your lifestyle? Then “Houten Huis” is your ideal partner. We supply and build houses and chalets according to a system devised by our Finnish partner: Finncotec, a unique combination of timber frame construction and solid wood construction. Thanks to this system, we can make the most of all the benefits of wood, without sacrificing sustainability or design.

With modern, computer-controlled production techniques, we can customize your personal design or adapt an existing design to your wishes in a fast and flexible manner. In this way we combine Finnish expertise with local craftsmanship.

Choose your own style

Wood is versatile. Whatever your favorite style may be, from traditional to no-nonsense contemporary design,  “Houten Huis” creates your dream house and guarantees a perfect finish. High quality from threshold to rooftop.

Sound advice for free

Contact us for free advice or for a transparent building estimate. Or why not come and have a look at one of our houses in Ghent or Oudenaarde? If you share your home dreams with us, we will gladly help you make them come true.